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The waves hit the boards of our sea worthy vessels,
As the tilt of our boats rock us back and forth.
The winds shake our timbers from the tops to the floors,
As the sailors gather muscles just to keep us afloat.

All of us are captains of our own mutinous crews,
As we hope some day to find dry land,
We search the ocean wide as it is blue,
Chanting at last that it’s all out of our hands.

We wail as we sail in these unfruitful seas,
But you gave us a map to the treasure we seek!
Your harbors are bright, your ports they are clean,
And all of the rest we just find our in our dreams!

Are we all, all lost out at sea? Looking and wandering for a trace of a coast?
You came across water, the waves couldn’t move you, in every direction, you’re a lighthouse to me!

Lighthouses stand through the nights, and the storms,
But they will shine in glory with the rising of the sun.
We live in a world where the sun hasn’t rose,
But we cling to the hope that someday it will.

Are we all, all lost out at sea? Looking and wandering for a trace of a coast?
You came across water, the waves couldn’t move you, in every direction, you’re a lighthouse to me!

My First Try at Rap Lyrics

I’m still thinking of a way to link the verses, they don’t make much chronological sense.

With each step I take, with each house I pass,
I’m trying my best to not become like the trash,

‘Cause my generations dy’n and my soul’s cry’n,
Is this what you meant when you said keep try’n

Your not what they tell you, your not what they say,
Pick up your head and find a higher way!

You were born in this would will you suffer its fate?
When all of his truths are bigger than you mistakes?

Throw away the cigarettes, throw away the lighta!
Pick up your sword and show them you’re a fighta!

Reach for his love, reach for his hand,
He didn’t die to a cross just to sit around and reprimand!

I’m not giv’n in, I’m not breaking down,
Grab my hand and we’ll turn this around!

Dear Self, Your Valentine

You’d thought I’d stay away,
Well, guess again today!

My flesh is reeking,
From all the things I’ve been seeking!

Lord, help me when I pray,
Break these chains, and a get away!

I can no longer drink this wine,

Dear Self,
Your Valentine

The Elevator

Are you going up?
Or are you going down?
This elevator will soon hit the ground!
With all the things you once held dear,
No longer yours to hold near.

I thought once, I thought twice,
I couldn’t get over your advice,
I thought once, I thought twice,
You couldn’t make me realize!


We’re going up?
Or we’re going down!
This elevator will soon hit the ground!
These memories will all turn around,
Grab my hand will meet him their.

I thought once, I thought twice,
I couldn’t get over your advice,
I thought once, I thought twice,
You couldn’t make me realize.

And in the end will find our hope,
When it is we leave first floor,
One day we’ll reach the top,
And step outside to heaven’s door.

Beautiful Lies

Some Lyrics I plan to put to song:

We are all distracted by beautiful eyes,
But seldom do we understand,
That all the things that lie beneath,
Are waiting there to tear us down.

You were so beautiful at our first meeting,
But I know on my second chance,
That some of the things I thought were love,
We’ll catch up with me at last.

I was looking for love, but only seeing faces,
I searched everywhere, all the times and the places,
And at the end of all this what did I find?
A beautiful story of a love that is mine.

‘Cause now your love is all I see,
Truly you have been, all that I breath.
I thought I found love, but you said to me
I’ll love you more, I’ll set you free.

Imaginary World

My imaginary world is inhabited with humans who are half animal. The animal half represents their soul while the human their flesh. As they mature they either become more animal like or human like depending on whether they serve God or themselves.


A list of Reflections that come to me periodically. This list will be updated with the newest ones last.

As we stand among the Court of Lions the worries and fears of the day seem to disappear as we now think only of love, life and death… and survival. That we may someday return to those petty troubles.

Some times I wonder if all these dreams are just some kind of pieces to some kind of story were bound to figure out in the end.

No journey starts with sleeping. So obvious but true.

A list of things that people want in music, God, Love, Lust, War, Peace, Life, Death, Pain, and Joy.

Often God is cited as a “crutch,” which makes me ponder the fact that many of us would rather complain about being immobile than resolve to using the aid of a crutch. I personally would rather walk with a crutch than never walk at all.

Coincidences are all too common to be only the results of only accidents.

It seems to be my personal experience that the spirit of a person, whether good or bad, can have a drastic change on there outward appearance.

For example: What is beautiful on the outside but not the inside can often over a period of time appear ugly to me, while what is grotesque on the outside but beautiful on the inside can just as well appear beautiful to me, and there are those rare occasions when what appears beautiful on the outside is just as beautiful as what is in the inside, and an unspeakable beauty results.

It is not the realization of a destiny but the digging to find it out that is the adventure.

On our personal journeys God often chooses to either blind us to prevent us from being overwhelmed of our destiny or reveals it to us a glimpse so we can realize how far we’ve come.

Its possible to look into a mirror a thousand times but never see yourself.

A man without pain is also a man without love, in the same way that spring isn’t spring without the winter before it.

Too often we fly through the doors open to us, but forget to knock on the ones closed to us.

When evil seeks to destroy a child early in life, it often means it is trying to prevent something good coming from that child later in life.

Dreams come before talents.

It is one thing to begiven a weakness, its another to fall by it.

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