My First Try at Rap Lyrics

I’m still thinking of a way to link the verses, they don’t make much chronological sense.

With each step I take, with each house I pass,
I’m trying my best to not become like the trash,

‘Cause my generations dy’n and my soul’s cry’n,
Is this what you meant when you said keep try’n

Your not what they tell you, your not what they say,
Pick up your head and find a higher way!

You were born in this would will you suffer its fate?
When all of his truths are bigger than you mistakes?

Throw away the cigarettes, throw away the lighta!
Pick up your sword and show them you’re a fighta!

Reach for his love, reach for his hand,
He didn’t die to a cross just to sit around and reprimand!

I’m not giv’n in, I’m not breaking down,
Grab my hand and we’ll turn this around!

2 thoughts on “My First Try at Rap Lyrics

  1. Hudson says:

    Try writing it out multiple times and see if new ideas come up as you're writing. Otherwise I think it's a fair attempt at rap.Thanks for the comment, that's a sweet verse. Funny thing is, I saw your response on Stephen's blog and thought about browsing yours out of curiosity.

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