Monthly Archives: October 2008

good music

here’s a list of good music i either have or want to buy

IVORYLINE, There came a lion

Copeland, You are My Sunshine

Jonezetta, Cruel to be Young

Coldplay, Viva la Vida

Capital Lights, This is an Outrage

Run Kid Run, Love at the Core

ideas for band names

sorry if I unknowingly ripped any bands off…
The Good Souls,
Legion Lost,
Folly State,
Chasing After,
Court of Lions,
The Besides,
Intricate Words,
The Fleeting,
Blind Eyes,
Eastern Skies,
Dear Children,
The Ascent,
Rescue from Without,
Saving Ghost,
to be continued,

please comment on your favorites or mention some of your own!

Life is what we make it!

So often I hear people complaining of bad days. To be honest I don’t care. Life is so much more of what we make of it rather that what we think of it.

Anybody who knows me probably also knows my last week so far hasn’t been the best but in my personal opinion life’s never been such an adventure. As batman quoted, “The night is always darkest before dawn.”

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