Life is what we make it!

So often I hear people complaining of bad days. To be honest I don’t care. Life is so much more of what we make of it rather that what we think of it.

Anybody who knows me probably also knows my last week so far hasn’t been the best but in my personal opinion life’s never been such an adventure. As batman quoted, “The night is always darkest before dawn.”

4 thoughts on “Life is what we make it!

  1. KP says:

    So as soon as i read this title i started laughing because its a title to a hannah montana song. Sorry. Anyway…I completely agree with your statement. Sometimes i like do really crappy on like a test or something so im in a bad mood, but once i forget about it, and stop beating myself up about it…my day's not that bad. I'm just making it that way.Aw. Well i really hope this next week will be better for you,I'll be praying for whatever has been going on.

  2. yeah. its like complaining about rain, when there is nothing better than feeling it roll down you cheeks. Or saying the night is too dark, when it is a miracle that God conceals his glorious sun to give us the coolness of night

  3. Rover Fox says:

    oh my gosh it is a hannah montanna song isn't it… lol

  4. KP says:

    hahahaha yeah =) nice one.

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