Monthly Archives: November 2008

civil war

I don’t know if its just me but sometimes i feel there are two versions of me constantly fighting each other. I’m not saying I’m schizo because I’m not, more like how the flesh fights the soul and I’m captive here in the middle, wherever the middle is.

It seems the more you dig to find out who you are the closer you come to splitting like an atom. Wreslting with myself is the closet thing I’ve come to ever fighting a real war.

This ultimately leaves us with two choices, give in to your sin or fight to let the person God made you to be rise to the top. I encourage everybody whose fighting this battle with me to reach for the latter. I’ll warn you ahead a time that IT IS NOT EASY, but all wars must come to an end, and its only through conflict that we will truly see the reward, after all God’s a storyteller and whats a story without its action?

In these last couple weeks the battle has become real, pray for me so that hopefully it can come to its end, and I can stop being consumed with myself, and reach out and help people like we were created to.

your input and experiance on this would be helpful,

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