Monthly Archives: January 2009


I just recently finished a book called Chasing Daylight. In it I came to a chapter that discussed finding God’s will for your life. There the author described how too often we look for God’s windows and doors, but fail to see the walls. Yes God put walls up, but not to stop us. Sometimes we have to run through the walls. Life isn’t always going to be easy or a matter of navigating opportunities, there comes a time when we have to step up and put or faith to the test.

I don’t remember which Harry Potter movie it is but there comes a point in which Harry has to run full speed into a wall to get to the right train station. I think if he instantly saw the platform, no faith would be required. He had to make a choice, either risk life in limb for a dream or never try.

In my own life, I have no idea whether I’ll get through the wall or if I’ll crash hard into the bricks. All I know is that nobody gets through walls jogging, and right now I’m sprinting!


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