Valentine: Humanity

“I feel like I’m being sucked into the chair. To my right three old woman talk about their cats, as the lone library attendant marches on his solemn path; from his desk to the counter, and back. I wonder if that’s what he dreamt of when he was a kid. As time passes I sit waiting… like a ghost.”

“All this while faces seem to fly by, all with their own stories, lives and things. They pass like a mark on a timeline, or a note on a score; the sole representatives for the here and now.”

“And then I see it.”

“The moment in which the deception becomes thin, and through that half hearted simile it slips through their lips, the shadow that haunts my days and the scream that prowls my nights, the eternal echo of humanity that rings throughout our history and continues chiming its call today. The seemingly incapturable expression of loneliness and seperation. That same face of Jesus as he died on the cross. I sit now unable to escape the grasp of the chair, wanting to stand and tell them that there is hope, and freedom from all the oppression; the drugs, the alchohol, the money, the sex, the lies, the loss, the death, but I continue and sit like a coward, unable to proclaim that Jesus lives.”

“Love itself, lives.”

“I don’t know whats worse, having the diease, or withholding the cure. So today in my own words I stand and tell you that there is freedom, there is a cure and there is love in Jesus Christ. Dear humanity, God is our valentine.”

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