“even fools have reasons,” she said before shutting it down. the machine that is. its what controls our lives, our preceptions, and even our attitudes.

it gets you when your young, by manipulating your senses. they the doctors of the machine implant into your eyes, ears, nerves, whatever it believes you want to sense. someone thought it was a good idea to merge man and machine.

the human router. the bipod telephone pole. the circulatory information highway.

they believed it would make us more efficient, happier and forever free us from loneliness. the machine speaks to our genetic code, keeping us from error, modifying us and connecting us to millions of others just like us upon the day we are born.

in the old world you had computers, television, internet, facebook, video games, advertising. in the new world you are the computer, the television, the facebook, the video game, the advertising. life, entertainment, social networking, -all of it was implanted at our births. genetic defects: eliminated. humans no longer reproduced, but are the products of a complicated assembly line.

its 2177, the human race has achieved perfection. 

i was watching as she dropped off the network. her memory was still embedded but her presence was not. i watched her die. the machine was unplugged and for a brief moment she saw the world as it was. tears ran across her face, she wanted to speak but she couldn’t have, she didn’t know how. i still remember the look in her eye, the look of freedom. she had won. it wasn’t long before her unadapted body started choking. after a lifetime of machine organized inhales and exhales, her body had forgotten how to breath.

it was those tears that fueled the war.

“alert! you and Silvia Phoenix are no longer friends.”

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