Fall On Deaf Ears

My dear God…

Do you ever wonder what God must be thinking right now? If you’ve ever had this thought you’ll immediately find yourself praying. Its a humbling thought to think that out there exists a being of such raw beauty, power, glory if even those words did enough justice, who keeps himself quite before us and listens.

As a kid I remember asking my dad how cars worked. What do batteries do? Why do certain animals look certain ways? To think that God wants us to approach him like a child like that. Why do certain things happen? Who should I marry? What do you think of her? When you start talking to God again its like your childhood comes back to you. Like an intimate secret at last is revealed. Like an ancient mystery has been revealed just for you. Like the universe has bent itself over for your voice. Like restoration.

I find it amazing that animals enjoy the voice of a human and that plants grow better when talked to. God certainly placed us in the garden for a reason. In the same way we know that we were created for Him because our life is dependent on his very words.

Please hear his voice. A deep voice in your spirit, not your mind. Don’t miss His message. He’s calling out to you.



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