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The Baptism: Ephesians 5:14

Falling. I faintly remember the moments that proceeded. My memory is still a blur and it will do little help to try and jog it.

Falling. For a moment I couldn’t feel the weight of my body, as if gravity had left earth. For a quiet second everything felt still. Everything was silent. I held my breath.

Suddenly, the rush of wind flew past my ears and I could hear the swells of the angry ocean crashing against the rocks. After what felt like a lifetime my flesh cascaded into the violent waves. Gravity quickened its pace as I fell nearer towards the ominous dark seas. I collapsed under its downward force.

The sudden shock.

The Baptism.

My mouth gaped open as a result of the hit, flooding my mouth the fiery taste; my nose and mouth burned with the vigor of salt water. Its venom struck my pores and my eyes were wide-open. The coldness of its waters awoke my soul like an unforeseen snowstorm on a blistering hot day. With a jolt my inner sleeper arose. I was listening now.

I could scarcely describe what happened next. As if in slow-motion I continued to fall into the depths. For an instant I opened my eyes. At first I was surrounded by utter darkness; a blue so deep that a hue could not be ascertained. I felt it. I felt the sorrow of the earth. The sadness, the loneliness-what He felt. Silence filled my ears. A void so thick you could reach out and touch it.

My sins had buried me here.

I sat Indian-style on the bottom; my arms prayerfully by my side.

An eternity then past.

With my last exhale I began to feel my body rise. My feeble head rose towards the sun as if two hands had gently rolled it back like when the barber is trying to find a better angle or when your mother is trying to show you something. My weight was lifting. Gravity was suddenly upended. I opened my eyes to see the light dancing upon the surface. I could hear the gentle moans of stringed instruments. Each ray of light danced between each other like the footsteps of a ballroom. The music: in time. The closer I got to it the louder the music would appear. The brilliant light could’ve blinded me but I couldn’t look away. With each flicker it would sing the brilliance of its creator; reflecting every tone.

The sound became intense; nearly unbearable. My face broke the surface of the waters. I could hear the cheers of others. I could feel the rays of light. The faint music faded into crashing waves. I smiled that day.


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Before the Passage of Light

Worn, weary. I had finally reached my destination. Before me stood a dominion a light. I could faintly hear what sounded like music. The music that leads us home. I attempt to move my swollen legs only to fall to my knees. I drop my bloody sword beside me.

The distant echo of melodies draws upon my soul but my marred and wounded flesh refuses. I collapse upon my shield. I try to brace myself with one arm as I pant heavily. Perspiration runs down my brow as I contemplate trying to move further.

I crawl. At this point my legs will give no further. Crawling on my arms I try to expand my body. My strength starts to wane. I couldn’t bear to move any further.

I’ve collapsed into a heap. For a moment I lay there. The moment felt like an eternity.

The music grew.

Knowing that if I would attempt to rest I would never wake up I decided to force my consciousness to continue. If your were to ask me what the light seemed like, I would tell you its like nothing we’ve seen back home. It was warm. Radiant. A hum emanated from its glow. Like it was singing among the voices I so faintly could ascertain. I lay there breathless. Motionless. Waiting for the inevitable-or whatever one could expect-before such a magnificent entrance.

In my weakness my spirit slipping from my grasp. My presence was beginning to withdraw.

In that moment I saw a shadow momentarily intercept the light. The figure stood tall. Like a king of old. He reached down and embraced me. I could faintly make out scares upon his entire being. His wounds matched my own. His wounds surpassed my own.

He sat my frail corpse up. Without saying anything he kissed my brow and his arms enveloped me. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. He took his hand and wiped them from my eyes. I knew who this was although I’ve never seen him. He strung one arm across my shoulder and the other beneath my legs and carried me into the beyond.


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