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Cross Cultural

This week we had a message brought to us called Christians and Culture by Brent Homcy. I thought was interesting to see how Christians often times respond to culture. He gave a three main ways. 

1. Condemn: This is a reaction to culture that causes Christians to fear and disrespect world views and retreat into a “Christian only” club. 

2. Conform: This is a reaction to culture that causes Christians to adhere to culture in such a way where they are no different then the people around them. 

3. Cultivate: This is a proactive movement where Christians are involved in creating a new culture. 

Confession Time: I think I’ve tried the first two more than enough times to realize that they don’t help the end goal of sharing Christ with others. My new goal is to stop reacting to culture and instead begin to proactively create it. Its interesting in Acts when Paul gets to Greece he hangs out at all the marketplaces-places where culture is bought and sold-with a regular presence, so much so that he was aware of all of their culture norms and lifestyles. This is especially remarkable when he’s sharing the gospel using Pagan poetry and art to convince people of the message. We can see from Paul’s model that he wasn’t merely adopting culture but creating a new meaning around it. 

To give me an idea of what are cultures top influences are I checked out Google Zeitgeist to find out what the top searches where. 

The fastest rising in 2010 were:

  1. ipad 
  2. chatroulette 
  3. iphone 4 
  4. world cup 
  5. justin bieber 
  6. myxer 
  7. facebook 
  8. grooveshark 
  9. glee 
  10. mocospace 

In 2010, in the United States, the ipad, chatroulette and the iphone 4 were the top searches. It seems that Apple is having a HUGE effect on culture. So what does this say about our culture? What does this say about what were into and where were going? I challenge us to be cultivators and innovators not merely reactors. 

Long Jack Lobo

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