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Relationships are complicated. Better yet complicated relationships are complicated.

This is dedicated to the second most important decision one can make in their life. Just some thoughts, nothing more. You don’t have to read into it, just read it. 

(Words will now begin assaulting your conscious.) 

Adam was the only man in history to have his wife created for him; the rest of us have the frustrating challenge of choosing a wife out every single living female on the planet. To make this even more difficult we often don’t know what we’re looking for. Somehow amid all the complexity we find the answer to be much simpler.

We want to be known.

At the core of every human heart we find a desire to be, or attempt to be, as fully known as one is by God. Its a process designed to take a lifetime.  

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They go out and then proceed to tell each other every random detail about themselves. Ultimately as the relationship intensifies so do the heaviness of the shared secrets. And when couples break-up or divorce what do you find?

“Why did you guys break-up?” 

“I don’t know…”

Isn’t it true that at then end of the day, when the emotions have faded and bodies have aged that having our soul’s pursued is enough? Isn’t pursuing someone in itself desiring to know them? Its possible to look into a mirror a thousand times and never see yourself but one glance into another soul can tell us the most about our self; the image we were created in. 

My observation has been this: What is beautiful on the outside, but not the inside can over a period of time appear ugly to me, while what is grotesque on the outside, but beautiful on the inside can just as well appear beautiful to me and there are those rare occasions when what appears beautiful on the outside is just as beautiful as what is in the inside and an unspeakable beauty results.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we search for somebody who is best suited to navigate the passageways of our hearts? Equipped to plunge into our depths? And take delight in the treasures they find there? 


-Long Jack Lobo 

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Gift or Giver?

Lately, I’ve been having a sort of epiphany; its seems that we often times put the gifts God gives us above God himself. Its a completely ironic thing to do when we think about it, however, we seem to do this ALL the time. How often do we pray for our _________ (career, future spouse, spiritual blessing, etc.) yet neglect praying for more of the ONE who gives those things? 

I liken it to taking guitar lessons ONLY to become a better guitar player. How often do we settle short for what someone can give us? If the young student would only realize that his guitar master not only knows all the ins and outs of the guitar but possesses abilities, skills and insights that can ONLY be passed through a relationship!

We need to realize that if we settle for what we want we’ll never find it but if we settle for a relationship with God, we’ll find both the gifts we wish to acquire and a relationship that infinitely out ways what the world has to offer.  

Marinate and apply.

-Long Jack Lobo

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BeBoBaDeeDa Bop Beep!

Make a noise today. 

-Long Jack Lobo

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The Most Beautiful Thing One Can Wear is a Smile

“I have a right to be ugly.”

August, 25, 1989, a beautiful baby was born. Unfortunately the baby became more and more hideous as it grew. When every passing year puberty left another wicked curse on him. One year an ugly mole, the next a random growth spurt. Each ebb and flow of time left him looking more and more like a freak and less and less like a model. Wasn’t puberty supposed to craft him into a fine young gentleman worthy of the cravings of young women? 

Fredrick Watson sighed as he smiled in the mirror. His sigh soon became a depression when he thought about what he was missing out on. He never was able to gain a girl’s attention, play sports with any dexterity that would allow him to enjoy it in the least or make a group of people laugh at his funny stories. For him, he thought, God had left out all of the good qualities and stitched him up from the assortment of random parts laying around in his workshop. 

Sadly Fredrick Watson is a real person. He resembles many of us as we look in the mirror each day. We feel that God has placed us with misfortunes rather than blessings.

There was one thing, however, that made Fredrick Watson different. As quickly as his depression was hovering it had fled at the sight of his smile. Yes each row of crooked yellow teeth proceeded to banish the darkness around him and lite up the dimly light bathroom mirror. With the curve in his chapped lips he continued to drive the cloud out of him; forcing self-respect into his heart. 

“If the world in its fancy styles and colors can feel a sense of justification when they look in the mirror and see their beautiful faces then I can feel just as well looking in the mirror and seeing my face.” 

Fredrick Watson paused to gather his thoughts. 

“God makes no mistakes. He created each one of us in his image. His purpose is just. He told the blind man that God did this so his glory could be shown.” 

You see Fredrick knew that God didn’t have to fix his circumstances to heal him from the ever foreboding and ominous darkness that haunted his dreams and desires. He had to fix his heart. 

Fredrick Watson withdrew from the momentary battle, dressed himself and went to work. 

“I have a right to be ugly.” 

-Long Jack Lobo

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Me being folky. 

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Cross Cultural

This week we had a message brought to us called Christians and Culture by Brent Homcy. I thought was interesting to see how Christians often times respond to culture. He gave a three main ways. 

1. Condemn: This is a reaction to culture that causes Christians to fear and disrespect world views and retreat into a “Christian only” club. 

2. Conform: This is a reaction to culture that causes Christians to adhere to culture in such a way where they are no different then the people around them. 

3. Cultivate: This is a proactive movement where Christians are involved in creating a new culture. 

Confession Time: I think I’ve tried the first two more than enough times to realize that they don’t help the end goal of sharing Christ with others. My new goal is to stop reacting to culture and instead begin to proactively create it. Its interesting in Acts when Paul gets to Greece he hangs out at all the marketplaces-places where culture is bought and sold-with a regular presence, so much so that he was aware of all of their culture norms and lifestyles. This is especially remarkable when he’s sharing the gospel using Pagan poetry and art to convince people of the message. We can see from Paul’s model that he wasn’t merely adopting culture but creating a new meaning around it. 

To give me an idea of what are cultures top influences are I checked out Google Zeitgeist to find out what the top searches where. 

The fastest rising in 2010 were:

  1. ipad 
  2. chatroulette 
  3. iphone 4 
  4. world cup 
  5. justin bieber 
  6. myxer 
  7. facebook 
  8. grooveshark 
  9. glee 
  10. mocospace 

In 2010, in the United States, the ipad, chatroulette and the iphone 4 were the top searches. It seems that Apple is having a HUGE effect on culture. So what does this say about our culture? What does this say about what were into and where were going? I challenge us to be cultivators and innovators not merely reactors. 

Long Jack Lobo

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Living on the Bare Essentials

Today for the internship we got a chance to do some outreaches. The one our group was assigned to was called “Bags of Love.” Essentially we filled plastic bags with items that homeless people may find useful and proceeded to pray about whom God would have us give them to. 

To make a long story short we found these two homeless guys named John and Spider Tom. John had some sort of bi-polar condition, heard voices was married and divorced twice, had three kids, his parents were divorced and left him when he was fifteen and his dad beat him without reason. Spider Tom was a Special Forces Recon veteran who had definitely spent some time in war. 

We got to talking and one of the girls named Queen in my group asked John, “So what do you think are the three essential things somebody needs to live.” 

After sorting out his thoughts verbally John came to the conclusion that to live one needs: 

1.  Your faith

2. Water

3. – (“Umm? That was only two!)

Food was eliminated because humans can live for quite awhile without it and air was also implied. 

This experience really got me thinking because I’ve been so used to living in plenty that I’ve really lost sight of what’s important in life. 

Matthew 4:4 NLT

But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say,‘People do not live by bread alone,but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”

I think its important to realize how crucial the presence of God is to our lives. Think about it, 






Scientists don’t believe in cold, rather a lack of heat. They also don’t believe in darkness rather a lack of light. The bible tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from God. That means everything! In the end our source of life is God. Boom.


Long Jack Lobo

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Character, Passion, and Attitude

What kind of things are holding you back from being a leader? What kinds of qualities do you need to invest in to become the leader that God wants you to be? 

Today I learned of three central areas that contribute greatly to your leadership and influence: character, passion and attitude. 

Character is essential. Its the iceberg below the iceberg. In short its what makes or breaks a leader. 

Passion is the fuel that helps a developing leader grow.

Attitude is infectious. An great leader infects others with their own qualities. 

Long Jack Lobo 

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